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Dating wizard

So the man you love may have just told you straight-up.

Maybe this stereotype adequately describes most muggle dudes, but it’s a long, long way from nailing the wizards of this world.

Wizards are born with a larger-than-usual quantity of attention, and they usually spend years of their life cultivating it through meditation and deep focus on an arcane craft — whether that arcane craft is plant alchemy or computer programming.

If you’ve ever experienced wizard attention after a long drought of being surrounded by dull muggles, you know that it’s an extraordinary phenomenon worth celebrating.

There you are, minding your own business at a party, chatting with some friends, and then out of the blue you find yourself locking eyes with a man who zeroes in on you and then proceeds to boldly peer into the seldom-penetrated groves of your soul’s dark forest.

You can tell that he’s perceiving subtle details of your being that may be unknown even to you. So your average bro may have absolutely no idea what makes your confusing, contradictory feminine self tick.

But if your man’s a wizard, he’s not so easily baffled.

He has some clear insights into the thorny thickets of your heart and when you’re in his presence you rarely feel “unseen” or “unheard.”In fact, you may sometimes wish that he would just for one day pay a little less close attention to you because all that pure awareness that he gives you — loving though it is — can make you feel quiveringly vulnerable.

And who the fuck wants to feel vulnerable all the time? The rest of us would prefer to be stealth and invulnerable for at least 23 hours of the day, thanks.2. All the tricksy ego games and the “I’m a frail, broken bird!

” flailing around that you perhaps previously used to get muggle men to do your bidding just don’t work on your wizard.

Thanks to that exceptional attention he’s cultivated, he’s able to see right through your smokescreens and deflections.

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