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VK is the biggist social site in Russia, It is also called the Russian Facebook, Mostpeople on it come from Eurpoe,and you can meet beautiful girls on it, but most of them will ignore you, just as girls in the facebook.

so it is not good to be a dating site, I think a real dating site would like be Millionaire match ,aka MM an open, diverse and friendly online community for people interested in finding and dating Millionaire singles.

Dear friends, I am pretty sure that you have heard a lot of things about ( and are wondering if it is possible to use this social network for looking a Ukrainian lady for marriage.

This site is not like a traditional dating site but offers a great chance to meet a special lady for life (of course, completely for free 😉 ).

“Hi Krystyna, I am very glad to have found your blog.

- Video Chat & Message- Video Recording and Messaging- Media Calling- Displaying members on map- Travel and Tour planning- Meeting System- Gift Sending- Showing Love & Interest- Friendship List- Communication and Profile Evaluation Scores - Adding Comments for Photos, Travels and Videos- Albums for Photos- Attaching Files for Messages- Capturing Image from Camera- Slide Show- Options to Filter Profiles This application supports 16 major languages spoken worldwide And we have advanced scam detector system to remove fake profiles.

We are very sensitive about allowing only real people on our dating site.

We have photo number verification, Black List Management, Proxy and VPN filteringsystems.

We also monitor spam messages and remove such profiles aiming to collect emails.

People have different reasons to meet new people on dating sites Some of them looks for serious relationship and marriage while others are looking forshort time relationships and sex.

Our members can fill their travel options and advertise them on application You can find a person to travel and visit them in their apartment and spend some time togetheror you can invite other people to your home.

By means of this, you can meet international peopleeven if they live far from you.

We have a meeting system, you can send a meeting request to people who have travel options, if your request is accepted them you can chat and organize your travel.

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