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I live in Australia, so it do take me a few time to get this laptop from the US. VAIO as it has been is the best of its kind in the market , i am very happy that i got my VAIO finally , it is unbelievable stable LAP TOP , the performance is not compared with any LAP TOP so in short if you are still not sure what to buy i really suggest to you the VAIO High performance laptops and premium quality for every use. Everything is perfect but my Vaio z flip 16/256 G seems don't have light sensor ... The key board back light turns on immediately and the screen dimmed . I've enabled the adaptive brightness in power options panel .

The keyboard backlight turns on automatically when you start typing.

-- I've been using Vaio computers for over 12 years and typically upgrade on a 3 year cycle.

I wait 1 year for a new model to work out the software kinks.

I just bought the Vaio Z Flip having patiently waited out the year and couldn't be happier.

The first thing you notice is the build quality, clearly this is a big part of the price. I would find it very hard to go back to a non-touchscreen laptop as I often work between the two input methods.

Vaio Z models always were a top line construction build, so with the latest carbon fiber material, this latest is fantastic -- it feels both solid and luxurious. I chose to update all of the drivers (about 10 drivers and a BIOS update) as recommended and the just released Windows 10 Creator edition is now a perfect match for this hybrid device. The keyboard is a pleasure to use as is the trackpad (there is an extra large right shift key, yeah! I also really like the flip presentation mode for watching movies and for presenting material.The physical mechanism transition between laptop to tablet to presentation panel is strong and smooth, they nailed that one, which was a must and a problem for most hybrids in the past. which has been a painful oversight on many Sony keyboards). Probably my biggest complaint is the still modest selection of Windows apps, but this is a Microsoft complaint / eco-system and not Vaio.The lack of good apps limits the time in tablet mode and I know that I will still need to use my Android tablet.Minor feedback would be a pen clip when in laptop mode.I also miss the Vaio Control Center software that was part of previous Sony laptops.I don't need bloat, but that is a good piece of software.I also was suprised that NFC was not included in the hardware, as I do use that feature with many other devices.This is a very well-built laptop/tablet with super specs. I've been using it since it was lunched in Japan so far I have never met anyone has it back home, it is a good machine thank to Sony but sometimes the heat got up and the mouse stops moving.enjoying it though My brother got his first Sony Vaio Z many years back.Following him being happy, I bought my Sony Vaio Z in 2012 (now he's using it). Naturally, I would replace my Sony Vaio Z with another Vaio (I was also using a Surface Pro 3 for notes and drawings).Being from Europe, I had to go through all sorts of arrangements so I can buy my Vaio Z flip 16 GB / 512 GB SSD at one of my trips to the USA.

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