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I had a similar virus a number of months ago, although this particular version sounds a bit nastier. Surely, it popped out of your shirt pocket when you were getting ready to add another stripe to a fine ass. Remember Superbowl halftime 10 years ago with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and Nipple Gate?

When I see a loose wrist rope in any BDSM scene, it takes me right out of it. Careful with those explicit websites..the spaghetti-o's! GIMP-ers: I have a request for those who can digitize VHS.

An AOH "holy grail" of mine, "Undercover Vixens" has been sitting on Amazon for a while and I wanted to see if anyone can help me get it.

Below is a late Hank Hobbs screengrab I just posted at the DFN AOH group.

I'll more than gladly paypal $20 or trade you a clip.

This is a very rare nude AOH scene (with apparently some torture).

Adultchat request from sarah - Dating uncut forum

If anyone has seen the scene and has an opinion, it'd be great to hear about it too. [ For Eda, writer extraordinaire, who invited us to suggest appropriate punishment.

Here is my offering, in the form of the short-short (6 word) short story: Naked, racked, gleaming, gagged, bastinadoed. Would love to see a bit more attention to bastinado and punishments of bares soles in forum discussions and postings, stories and movies. And thanks (belatedly) to Reine Margot for her lovely New Year's image, to Amy for boasting of her ability to endure treatments that others cannot, and to Covers who posted, a few weeks ago, one of the most dramatic covers of my formative years (the blonde bound on a platform, arms outstretched, back and soles bared for the lash. Our fretting over Ralphus’ mysterious (until now) absence is just another of the reasons I love this forum.

The soles of a woman's feet are quite sensitive.... And though I am enjoying the picture of floundering sheep, maybe I see Ralphus as being our own personal border collie. For those Gimpers who are inclined toward short Gimp moments imbedded in mainstream movies --- free on Amazon Prime is a low-budget ditty called “I’ll Be There with You”. The scene is outstanding -- as you say, it's a lovely bit of nastiness!

It’s an odd flick by a Japanese director, set in the American desert, with an American cast. I won't duplicate the long and venerating commentary I posted on the piece over at Art of Darkness, but I will say I'm puffed up with pride from this brush with a celebrity.

I thought it was decent, beyond the fact that between minutes 39.00 and the two blondes get ravaged, unexpectedly and simultaneously -- one by a wonderfully lecherous Daniel Baldwin who likes to come in through the back door and who spends much of the earlier part of the movie ogling his ultimate victim. She appears alone at the beginning of the dungeon scene, before paired with Brigette Maier. I still wonder why Lee Frost didn't choose whip scene on this pair. Being called out by the guy who can produce images of this quality and depth of emotion - that's an honour, and I'm grateful for it!

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