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Following feedback from the previous snapshot and more internal testing we have decided to disable the history panel for 1.7.While we continue to believe that it is a great feature, more work is needed to bring it up to the standard that you, our users expect.Note: This build will receive updates from the snapshot autoupdate stream.

I want to set a start(home)page for Epiphany (Web).

This is the ony browser that displays my webapplication on Linux properly with scrollbars.

The possibility if setting a homepage was removed, and replaced by the overview on Epiphany 3.4.

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Real GDP is a quantitative concept since it involves increased productive capacity in an economy, which leads to rising national output, incomes and living standards over time.

If you want to ask about new (post 1.7) features or longstanding issues please do so on our forums.The economy grew a seasonally by 1.2 percent in the June 2010 quarter, up from a revised 0.7 percent pace in the January-March period, the ABS reported.The 1.2 percent quarterly rate is the quickest since the June quarter of 2007, which indicates Australia’s strong...Economic growth and development can vary from different countries, depending on their level of income, quality of life, environmental quality and the government’s involvement within the economy.The similarities and differences are evident in the Australian, Chinese and Indian economy.George Noory, syndicated radio host of Coast to Coast AM, heard on nearly 600 radio stations nightly, created Paranormal Date, after seeing a need from his massive, loyal audience.Noory says, I keep hearing the same thing at speaking events around the country, “George, I need a place to meet people of like-mind, that understand me and my interests.” From that, was born! Let me preface this with the fact that I have nothing against online dating.Online dating is a great way for busy or introverted people, or those with weird schedules, or just those who want to meet new people outside their current circle and local haunts, to find romance or a hookup or a husband or wife or friend with benefits.I know several people who've met spouses or long-term loves through online dating, and that's rad. When you’re overwhelmed with a tightly packed work schedule or just don’t have many single friends to go out with, dating can be hard. So naturally, an online dating site could potentially be the missing puzzle piece in your search for love in a busy life.There are a some of the worst online dating sites that are just really, really f*cking terrible places to find love, romance, sex, or just a decent human being.

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