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Dave's Bro - Pre-scratch self Dirk's Bro - Adoptive "older brother", Adoptive ancestor, Genetic son Dave Strider, Roxy's Mom, Rose Lalonde - Genetic offspring Lil Hal - Mental clone Jake English - Ex-boyfriend Lil Cal - Guardian ), in line with the rule that post-scratch kids have the same chumhandle abbreviation as the ectobiological sibling of the kid whose pre-scratch guardian they were.

This completes the set of chumhandles when added to GT, GG, and TG.

He uses the same color text that Davesprite uses, analogous to the fact that Jane and Jake use the same colors as Nannasprite and Jadesprite, respectively.

Dirk's web browser, and therefore the name of his denizen, is , he landed in the middle of the ocean with Lil Cal, and used the puppet as a flotation device to somehow get to a house to live in.

He grew up alone in the single remaining penthouse apartment of a high-rise building in the now-flooded Houston, Texas.

However, he is able to communicate with Jane and Jake (who are living around 4 centuries in the past) and establish Sburb connections with them by means of Trollian.

He, like Jake and Roxy, gave Jane Crocker a bunny for her thirteenth birthday, though he had to build it from scratch, unlike the others.

It was whenever he concentrates on things happening dream-side.

He has been using his dream self to gather information on Derse, and to watch over Roxy's sleepwalking dream self.His dream self is seen covered in the Hegemonic Brute's blood, having foiled the Batterwitch's assassination attempt.He then chose to reveal his dream self's wakefulness to Derse by Afterward, Dirk tries to ascend to his roof, but is sidetracked by the sudden appearance of Roxy's Fenestrated wall, and soon after by jeering from Caliborn.He grabs Lil Cal and goes to the roof, where we see that, like Roxy, he lives in the future post-scratch Earth.As Dirk's dream self attempts to escape from the Red Miles, he is shocked to see both Jane and Jake appearing on Derse.While telling Jane to abscond from Derse via the portal, he witnesses the Miles impaling her from behind.He then quickly orders Lil' Seb to take Jake and get him out of Derse.Afterwards, he intends to kiss Jane to save her dream self, but is knocked out by falling debris before he gets the chance to do it.On Earth, his waking self is also knocked out by the blow, presumably because of his consciousness being divided between his two selves, and drops Lil Cal into the sea below.Afterward, the projection of Dirk which existed in Jake's dream bubble becomes Dirk's dream self.Dream Dirk states he must leave in order to repair the session, as all the players are dead or unconscious.

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