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Dating soldier ptsd

You can’t really describe it, but you’re not yourself. Disinterested in stuff that used to be interesting.

You’d give anything to be the best lover she will ever have. And your worst fear is that she’ll get her needs met somewhere else. The way your body won’t respond, won’t let go, won’t. He says he still loves you, but when it comes to sex, you’re not so sure.

When you do manage to get him in the mood, shave your legs, slither into lingerie… Minutes turn to half hour, turn to one hour, turn to am.

She reminds you constantly of what you need to do, when, where, checking, double-checking.

Why doesn’t she understand how humiliating that is? Why can’t she realize that the part of your brain that’s supposed to remember is gone.

You’re not some child, even though TBI fucked up your brain and now you can’t do half the stuff you once did.

She has no clue you are barely holding it together. She tries to be supportive when she’s not exhausted from the kids. Why can’t she understand that you don’t want to be this way?

How you imagine killing again and how good that would feel right now.

You can’t trust that he’ll be able to handle taking care of the kids alone.

He’s more like a child these days than the man you married.

Or that he is even supposed to be watching the kids?

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