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In the woman appreciate punctuality, sense of humor, love of life. I am looking for a young pretty slim kept woman, for long-lasting and reliable relationships, from me — material support and care. 25 years old, professional model is why the athletic figure Looking for a concubine. […] City: Moscow Looking for a kept woman up to 25 years , for a long and permanent relationship. About me: Russian ,cute,successful businessman, 42 years old, height 176 cm,weight 85 kg,[…] City: Moscow. In search of attractive sugar baby, to have a good time.,write, send photos Contact information of the sender [email protected]: Saint Petersburg Looking for a girl, kept woman, 18-20 years old, slender, well-groomed, for long-term relationships on the basis of the material.

To me for 40 years, an adequate, intelligent, held man. Write about yourself and apply some of their photos. Contact[…] City: Saint Petersburg Male 36 years old, want to meet and hire a kept woman from St. Preferably without complexes, who love experiments in sex. Contact information[…] City: SAINT PETERSBURG Brown-eyed brunette,37 years., athletic build, 175 cm, 80 kg, sociable, communicative, cheerful.

In search of kept woman students up to 23 years,for a pleasant meeting. Interested in a long rather than a single relationship.

I offer high financial support, human relations, meetings several times a week.

I’m 35[…] City: Moscow I am 40 years old, height 190 cm, weight 92 kg, athletic build.

Want to find a girl kept woman from 25-30 years old, well-groomed, options approximately 100-70-100, with athletic body type.

Positive,[…] City: Kiev Looking for a young and slender soderjanka for friendship and discreet relationship.

As for me: I am 35 years old, athletic build, secured, easy in communication.

Set up a real meeting, preferably soon[…] City: Kiev Tall and handsome man of athletic build . Contact information of the sender [email protected]: Krasnodar.

Would like to meet a fancy woman for confidential meetings , which will be sympathy , passion and understanding . Looking for a kept woman, you take care of your body and health, looking for permanent, I’ll take you on full software, is business, free, live in Krasnodar.

Ready very generously to help[…] City: Moscow Russian, 30 years. Your photos and story about[…] City: Kaluga Good day!

Male, intelligent, with sense of humor, higher education, 45 years old, height 171 cm, will take the contents of a pretty girl under 26 years[…] City: Moscow Meet a cute, active, sexually adventurous girl, a kept woman, for a regular confidential meetings on mutually beneficial terms. Will send photos please email/ watsapp[…] City: Kiev Welcome, lovely girl!

Looking for a kept woman, not very serious, but a lasting relationship.

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