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Dating scam egypt

he romance scam begins usually with personal ads placed on internet dating services.A photograph of an attractive person, very often stolen from a modeling website, is used.

Most scammers are men and will pose as either gender in order to con their victim.

here might be an exchange of one or two emails to the victim’s email address but it is more likely that the scammer will continue writing the victim back and forth on the dating service until he can successfully convince the victim to install IM so they can chat.

Once chatting begins, the scammer quickly begins to establish emotional intimacy with the victim. Instead, chivalrous talk and endearing names are used.

Statements are made about how the relationship must have been pre-ordained and/or how the scammer has finally found that one true love of his or her life after searching fruitlessly for so long. Often quick declarations of love and/or affection are made as well as the strong desire to be physically present in the victim’s life. Usually after the first or second contact (if not before), the scammer who is some sort of entrepreneur, engineer, or has what most of us consider a high profile occupation which requires travel, will advise the victim that he or she must travel overseas (usually to a country in West Africa – Nigeria, for the most part, but Ghana has become a scam hotspot as well) for business.

he scammer will tell the victim that he or she will be away from a few weeks to a few months and so the face to face meeting must wait.

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