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Cast-Iron Architecture in America: The Significance of James Bogardus Cast-Iron Architecture in America: The Significance of James Bogardus Printmaker for a contemporary engraving of the Christian Schussele (1824-79) Read More About John Sartain, Printmaker The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd., has produced the above site, with extensive detail on a family identified as “one of the most illustrious and influential families in the history of art in the United States.

Art and technology historians hail Men of Progress as a turning point in American art and the depiction of scientific innovation in popular culture.”Rotenstein also notes that “Schussele finished the Men of Progress painting in 1862.

He painted two versions: a larger one sent to Mott [patron for the project] in New York and a smaller one for John Skirving.” Skirving’s “briefly [hung] in the White House from 1947 to 1965… Library of Congress Daguerreotype This link is believed to show the American Institute, New York City, a favorite place for exhibitions by Samuel Colt.

[soon thereafter] the painting moved to the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and it hangs in a first floor gallery in the former Patent Office building.”John Skirving: From Bricklayer to Men of Progress The prominence of Samuel Colt’s father, Christopher Colt, in the development of silk manufacturing in America is cited in , by Linus Pierpont Brockett (1876). Look carefully in the foreground for Bowie knives and what appear to be (in the next case, to the upper left): ivory-stocked Derringer pistols.

Details appear in the following link to Google Books. The URL suggests that this is the American Institute.

Prominence of Christopher Colt Link through Google Books to a history of dentistry, by James Wynbrandt, in which Samuel Colt, as “Dr. Coult of Calcutta, London and New York,” played a role. Inhalants History Link to a Library of Congress daguerreotype showing the old U. Image of American Institute, New York City From the ; July 29th 1881; volume XLI; issue no. In the left foreground, the Colt factory complex, and Armsmear.

Reference is made specifically to a Nitrous Oxide public appearance in Portland, Maine, on October 13th 1832. Coult] will attend, on reasonable terms, to any applications for private Exhibitions to select parties of Ladies and Gentlemen…”Google Books History of Dentistry The following link, via Google, includes references to Samuel Colt, as well as to a Gardner Quincy Colton, known to have administered Nitrous Oxide/laughing gas, suggesting that Dr. 176; page: 4; New Haven, Connecticut, a brief article on a lawsuit. From the Connecticut Digital Archive, University of Connecticut.

Judge Blatchford, of the United States circuit court has just filed his decision in the case of the heirs of James B. The suit was to recover moneys alleged to be due them under a codicil in the will of the colonel leaving to his brother’s heirs the use of 500 shares of stock, and providing for a division among them of the income from stock not specifically given to other persons. View of City of Hartford View of the principal building of what was then known as The University of the City of New York, its appearance c.

and Christopher Colt, children of the brothers of the late Col. This codicil owing to a quarrel with his brothers was revoked by the colonel in part, and the suit to recover about 0,000 was brought on the claim that they were entitled to a part, at least, of the money not specially appropriated under the codicil. Colt, on all points, his opinion covering 130 pages of legal cap, and the aspiring nephews and nieces are left out in the cold. Yet another view of the City of Hartford, this one from the Connecticut River, a lithograph by C. 1833, a few years before Samuel Colt was residing in that community. Certificate of Arrival.” For the search go to “All Databases” and then search for ALIENS and then go to “Alien Entries to England” covering date of 1850s, and then enter “Colt.”With his propensity for meeting royalty, and promoting his firearms, and the machines which manufactured them, one could speculate that Colt met the Belgian King Leopold I, who had a vacation residence at Ostend.

Link provided by the New York University Presents 175 Facts About NYU site. Jarvis In order to access the original record of Samuel Colt arriving in London via Ostend, January 10th 1852, shortly following the Great Exhibition of 1851, needs to be used. The uncle of both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, King Leopold was likely familiar with Samuel Colt and his wares.

The University of the City of New York Building Link to Connecticut History Online, of The Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, to photograph of “Factories Beside the Park River,” a c. Follow is the link; access to the article is fee-based, from the Hartford Courant website. Since Prince Albert had received the gift of the Colt Dragoon and Navy cased set, King Leopold’s curiosity may well have been suitably aroused.

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