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Dating respect

When it comes to love and relationships, the playing field can seem mind boggling at times.You want him to love you and respect you and sometimes that sounds like a challenge. The truth is, there is no fast way to earning a man’s respect.You can’t make him respect you anymore than he can make respect him.

With that in mind, here’s how to go from doormat to the woman of his dreams.

A man loves a woman who he can have a friendly debate with.

Express your opinions even if they are different than his, in fact, if they are different than his.

Disagreeing with someone without putting them down is a fine art.

Learn that art and use it in your conversations with men.

He will highly respect your ability to hold your own.

A woman who can trip down a set of stairs on a first date and then make a joke about it will earn his instant respect.

It sends the message to him that you are easy to be with, and don’t expect everybody to be perfect.

Note, there’s a fine line between laughing at yourself and putting yourself down.

Learn where that fine line is, and stay away from it by laughing at your faux pas every now and then but not insulting yourself.

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