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Pragnell is proud to be a Patek Philippe Authorised Retailer.

Since then, both companies have combined on some unique timepieces.

In 2004, for Pragnell’s 50th anniversary, a limited edition minute repeater watch was created by Patek Philippe, which has since world record price at auction for this reference.

In 2016, for William Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, Pragnell commissioned a one of a kind Patek Philippe dome clock, with dials created using the ancient technique of Limoges painted enamel.

To this day, the two companies enjoy a close relationship, as such, Pragnell often receives highly desirable watches before anyone else in the UK.

The Patek Philippe Seal sets the precedent for watchmakers all over the world with their highly-regarded stamp of approval required for each individual timepiece.

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As an emblem of horological excellence, the new seal transcends other standards in Swiss watchmaking.

The Patek Philippe Seal represents our history dating back to 1839 and is a promise to provide the finest watch creation and assembly.

It also presents our lifelong commitment to servicing and restoration to every Patek Philippe timepiece, keeping it in the family and allowing it to be adored by future generations.

READ MORE As an Official Patek Philippe retailer we have longstanding relation with the preeminent Swiss watchmaker.

In our Stratford-upon-Avon showroom we have a dedicated Patek Philippe corner, featuring rare timepieces, and a wide range of the latest Patek Philippe collection.

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