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Dating needy man

It's nothing new to be wary of dating a commitment-phobe, but now there's a red flag at the opposite end of the personality spectrum: The Insta-Boyfriend, or as Michelle Martin at the Huffington Post calls it, a "Cinderfella."This is a man who feels like a victim inside and looks for love to "rescue" him from that feeling. And they want it all by the second or third date."For many women, a grown man expressing strong feelings or making very romantic gestures after just a few weeks might be too much too soon, but for many others (especially those who have dated a commitment-phobe), a man who knows what he wants and is ready for intimacy might seem like a breath of fresh air.Martin defines a Cinderfella as "the middle-aged single man with an insatiable hunger for intense emotional and physical intimacy. You might think, , his interest in jumping into a relationship is coming from a place of lack—a desire to fill a void. They want to be rescued from their loneliness wastelands!

"Real love is a commitment of sharing our inner worlds," says Love. Integrating you into his world and really opening up to you? "Slow it down and seek consistency, reciprocity, trustworthiness, and reliability.If these are in place, you have a chance of sustainable attachment."In any relationship, "time is the truest evaluation," says Love."Given the time and opportunity, people will show us who they are and their truest motivations.It may just be that this guy is ready for a lasting and committed relationship and you are his ideal.Value yourself in allowing time, as well as the guy's actions (not what he says, but what he does) and your intuition to reveal the truth."Does any of this sound familiar to you?Have you dated a guy like this, and if so, did it last?Take our poll and then tell us what happened in the comments: Have you dated a Cinderfella?Social stigma asks women to believe that they are the ones who cling on to the relationship.But did you ever think that it might be the other way around?What if the guy you are dating is extremely mushy and sentimental, maybe even overbearing and annoying?Well, with the rise of alpha female and beta male relationships in the society, the problem with men being the needy ones is on the rise.

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