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Dating in college vs dating post grad

A few months ago, a 19-year-old from the Fort Smith area messaged me on one of the dating sites and she seemed nice enough. So after sending a couple messages back and forth online, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting each other on a pretty regular basis. The first was how her emotions could change in an instant.

She would go from fun and flirty to nearly suicidal.

Well she took it way too serious and said I am NOT stupid. I think I said ‘Sorry’ more times in two weeks to this one person then I ever have.

As cliché as it is, her emotions really were like a roller coaster. Anyway, at one point she sent me a complimentary text, and being the smart ass I am (and also being very tired as I was going on no sleep that day) I responded with ‘And I like your boobs.’ She responded with: ‘My boobs? ’ She then proceeded to send me like three pictures of her boobs, one with clothes and two without.

It was at this point, that I started thinking with the other head.

Things really escalated from that point and for the next couple weeks, most of our talks was what kids these days call ‘sexting.’ It got pretty 50 Shades Of Gray.

I knew that I should stay clear of this girl and that nothing would come out of this relationship, but I really liked the idea of someone wanting to have sex with me.

Girls, if you want a guy to see you as more than a pair of tits, an ass, and what you can do with your mouth, than maybe you should try not giving it all away before you even meet in real life.

I began to realize that we were never going to meet in person.

Despite all the pictures, sex talk, etc, it seemed as though she never wanted to meet in person.

Anytime I tried to make plans with her, she said she was busy.

In fact, at one point she said she was on her way over and then not 20 minutes later, she canceled, saying ‘Something just didn’t feel right.’ It also didn’t help that I work the late shift.

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