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No matter what the reason may be, you can say no to a date with some semblance of grace and tact. Most of us don’t like saying “No” or want to hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe you can’t say no and tend to go through with decisions despite the gut check.

You could be in a different place in your life, where you don’t want to take a step back into the dating scene. It could be dating burnout, relationship figure, or you need to be alone. You have nothing in common--they say things that make you want to change addresses, or something that’s a huge turnoff.

You don’t want to push going into a relationship too soon after a breakup or other life changes not everyone is ready to take the scene on. Great, let’s look at what we should do to turn them down. Tell them you still want to date others and tell them you have nothing in common.

You’re a wonderful person with many great qualities.But I am looking for someone who matches with my unique interests, goals and personality in a different way.”Rejection stinks, and we all have felt it.Use good judgment if you’re asked out and don’t want to date the person.Never forget the gut check, honesty, and refrain from being nasty if you can. But also be on guard because there are some people that could be dangerous. • “I didn’t want him to stop liking me.”• “I figured she’d think something was wrong with me.”• “I thought we were supposed to.”• “But he really wanted to, so….”It is heartbreaking to me that so many people, of all ages, do not realize that it is their right to say no to sex—at any stage of a relationship.In new relationships, people’s attitudes about having sex … are all wrapped up in fear, insecurity, societal programming, short-term thinking, and much more.First, let’s look at the reality of no—why men and women decline sexual advances early in a relationship.There are many reasons, among them:♦ Being emotionally and/or physically unprepared.If you are not there yet, either physically or emotionally, and need more time… If you have not known each other long or feel that you need to experience one another without sex first, that is a very normal and sound reason to decline sex.For most people (women especially) an emotional connection is a vital precursor to physical intimacy.♦ Lack of physical attraction. We all take this personally but really physical attraction is all about the .

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