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Dating gretsch 6120

On February 16th of 1964, some may have been watching The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night. It usually featured juggling acts, dancers, popular comedians and popular songsters of the day.However, this was the night The Beatles were making their first American television appearance.But that Sunday night, my eyes were locked on the guitars.

As I got more involved with the guitar, I realized he used a 1962 Gretsch Country Gentleman.

In 1964, colour television was available, but expensive.

The Sullivan show at this time not being broadcast in colour.

It was difficult to determine the colours of the guitars. Friedrich Gretsch founded Gretsch Musical Instruments in 1883.

His goal was to manufacture percussion instruments such as drums, banjos and tambourines.

According to Fred Gretsch, the current owner; Gretsch starting hand building guitars in 1890.

It's amazing they have been producing guitars almost as long as Martin.

By the 1950's Gretsch Musical Instruments were producing some of the finest electric guitars every made.

Gretsch Musical Instruments founder Friedrich Gretsch died at and early age.

His brother ran the business until Gretsch's son, Fred took over.

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