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A woman hides a plot-sensitive item close to her heart—or more accurately, between her (usually large) breasts. Lends a whole new meaning to the term "breast pocket". Occasionally even small pets get stored there (well, it's warmer than a shoulder).

Related to the Double Standard, since a man can't reach down there without hilarity ensuing (consequently, women often stuff a small object down there to keep a man from getting at it). Such cleavage critters are usually harmlessly cute; if they're longer than they are wide, you can bet they're going to be used for blatant fanservice sooner or later.

Under certain circumstances, humans can get a ride there too, for extra Fanservice and Ship Tease.

Otherwise, it's the Mundane Utility of the Most Common Superpower.

Compare Trouser Space (the general equivalent for a male character, though females can do it too), Ass Shove, Unorthodox Holstering, Torpedo Tits.

Carlo Mattogno National Socialist policy in the matter of Jewish emigration, pursued officially until the beginning of February 1942, thus posed a question that really was "throbbing," to use again the adjective employed by Poliakov.

If it was true that exterminating the Jews "conformed to the fundamental objective of National Socialism" [1]; if it was true that it was not "the coming to a head of an unforeseeable explosion of violence, or of a betrayal of trust by subordinates, but the fruit of an ideology of death and of an organic design" [2]; if it was true that "according to Hitler, among the ends that had to be achieved thanks to the war, the general extermination of the Jews had a very important place, to the realization of which the German government would devote a large part of its forces," [3] for what mysterious reason did Adolf Hitler deprive himself of at least a million victims by allowing them to emigrate?

It was thus inevitable that so atrocious an accusation, based essentially on "third and fourth hand accounts," on "the game of psychological deductions," knowing that "all these could offer was fragile and speculative," and on "fragmentary and sometimes hypothetical answers," be placed in doubt.

In the immediate post-war period and in the following years severe criticisms were formulated in regard to the trials of those who were called "Nazi war criminals" -- in particular, the Nuremberg trials [4] - and concerning the behavior of the Allies during the war.[5] The first to raise doubt about the reality of the "extermination" of the Jews was the Frenchman, Paul Rassinier, [6] who is justly considered to be the precursor of present-day Revisionism.His work was taken up and carried on by other researchers who have produced a rich Revisionist literature, the most important works of which are In 1979, at Northrup University in Los Angeles, the first Revisionist Conference was held, organized by the Institute for Historical Review, which, since spring 1980, has published the important quarterly The Journal of Historical Review with the collaboration of the most significant Revisionist historians around the World.This has contributed further to making Historical Revisionism an irrefutable reality, and an unstoppable intellectual movement.Indeed the Revisionist theses are attracting ever more defenders.Since 1980, and up to the present, several works have been published, notably in France, in the wake of the Faurisson affair.Besides numerous articles appearing in The Journal of Historical Review, we draw attention to: In January 1985 the first number of the Spanish Revisionist review, Revision was published in Alicante.Since the spring of 1987 the important review Annales d'histoire révisionniste has been published in France.We call attention also to the Revisionist journal Taboe.Revisionistisch tijdschrift voor kritisch en wetenschappelijk onderzoek (Tabu, Revisionist periodical for critical and scientific research), Antwerp, Belgium.Lastly, may we be permitted to mention our own studies: Published by Sentinella d'Italia, Monfalcone: This vast literature is of unequal value and ranges from superficial and often inexact declarations -- rightly criticized by the Exterminationist historians, as Revisionists call those who maintain the reality of the "Extermination" of the Jews -- to methodical and profound research.

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