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Dating delilah the plot twist

in great detail, with particular attention to its ending. You, Henry, don’t get the girl; you, Henry, are told to face up to your responsibilities; you, Henry, don’t feel like a hero; you, Henry, are disappointed.“I don’t feel,” Landis added in a later tweet, “like anticlimax’s [sic] are ever something that should be wilfully attempted.” Given how far and wild Henry’s imagination runs with the early rumblings of conspiracy, I can’t argue : Julia’s sharp descent into dementia and increasing need for full-time care return her, as if a child, to her parents in Australia. His shame and grief push him to take a solitary post as a fire lookout with the Forest Service. Delilah knew Brian wasn’t allowed to be out there, but she didn’t snitch because she’s cool.

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It also just doesn’t feel right, in terms of role-playing a character, to leisurely wander the woods in the idle hope of coming across a fun secret when Delilah is regularly assigning Henry one urgent task after another.certainly rewards exploration, but its narrative rarely encourages it.(And there’s definitely a more elegant way to convey a lot of information than having Ned dictate it to Henry on an audio tape, although this produces the best line of dialogue in the game: “Sorry about your wife,” delivered like a haltingly sympathetic, impersonal pat on the shoulder.)While the answers Henry finds are more mundane than he expected, he does get answers. But this mystery game doesn’t end with Henry — or the player — receiving any recognition for solving the mystery.Delilah is too unsettled about her culpability in Brian’s death to commend Henry for his investigative work.When Henry and Delilah are ordered to evacuate the burning Shoshone, Delilah bugs out on an earlier flight to avoid meeting him at all.On the radio, she tells him he should go be with his wife: “You gotta go see her.” Maybe he will; Henry and Delilah, on the other hand, will clearly never see each other again.“Stop avoiding your responsibilities” will never be advice anyone to hear.And while it might be smart advice, it’s frustrating to hear it from Delilah, who, although funny and easy-going, is a complete flake.She doesn’t tell on Brian when she knows his safety could be at risk, she lies to the police about encountering the missing teenagers to avoid the hassle, and although it happens in a moment of high tension, she is a fire lookout who orders Henry to start a fire in the forest.It’s hard to say if Henry is as unsuited to his job, because he barely does it.His job is literally to sit in a chair and tell someone if he sees a fire, but, enabled by Delilah, he spends his office hours trying to scare teens and break into government facilities.Which may well be the point: there’s always something more desirable than just sitting in a chair; there’s always something more desirable than providing full-time care for your wife who has Alzheimer’s.

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