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During my time living in Spain and Peru, I thought it essential to take my immersion into the country as far as possible. Dating locals is an awesome way to not only have a passionate love affair, but also to improve foreign language skills, see parts of a city or country unknown to tourists, and experience a place through the eyes of a local.

And, of course, it never hurts to have some arm candy abroad.

After a disastrous summer fling with a guy possessing the maturity level of a twelve-year-old, I was more than ready to meet a Peruvian with whom I could let loose and have fun for my two months volunteering in Arequipa.

I was considering booking my trip with a tour group when Adolfo suggested that we go together.I was so appreciative of this because he had already been there a couple times previously, and I was excited to experience Machu Picchu with a Peruvian.Adolfo knew to look for Groupon deals for hotels, assisted me with train reservations on Peru Rail, made sure to haggle the best prices for souvenirs in Cusco, and didn’t hesitate to flag down a car that drove us over two hours from Cusco to our next destination in the Sacred Valley.While in Peru, I felt quite uncomfortable when I was out and about by myself.I made sure to have a friend by my side when venturing out late at night, and during the day I felt relatively safe to stroll around the city alone.Although I never felt that my safety was threatened, I was extremely uncomfortable and self-conscious due to the stares, gestures, and insulting noises from the surrounding men when I would explore the city on my own.I’m sure it was in part due to being tall, blue-eyed, and pale in a country for which those characteristics are rare, but I really disliked feeling like I couldn’t even walk down the street without experiencing some form of street harassment.I felt more secure when I was out and about with Adolfo because I never had to worry about street harassment.Although I would have preferred not to be catcalled at all, being accompanied by a man who is local to the country made me feel infinitely safer and more comfortable walking around Arequipa at any time.Adolfo was born and raised in Arequipa, so he of course knew the city inside and out.He was helpful with introducing me to deliciously strange local restaurants and bars; because of him I was happy to devour , or cow’s heart.

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