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Dating catholic vs seventh day adventist

Seventh-day Adventists teach that the near the end of time the "mark of the best" of Revelation 14 will be placed upon those who worship on Sunday instead of Saturday. Adventists identify the union of Roman Catholicism with civil power as the "beast" of Revelation: "The beast described in Revelation 13:1-10 is the church-state union that dominated the Christian world for many centuries and was described by Paul as the 'man of sin' (2 Thess. The Catholic Church, in the Dark Ages, changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, a pagan day of worship. At the end of time, a conflict will arise between those who worship the beast and his image and those who are the true followers of God.

The image of the beast represents that form of apostate religion that will be developed when churches having lost the true spirit of the Reformation, shall unite with the state to enforce their teachings on others." 2.

What sets these two groups apart is that one group, the true loyal remnant, keeps Saturday as a holy day, and the other group, the fallen and apostate, keeps Sunday as a holy day: "One class will advocate a gospel of human devisings and will worship the beast and his image... At the end of time, those who keep Sunday as a holy day will seek to destroy those who keep Saturday as a holy day.

The Bible clearly says the ten are "kings" and not "kingdoms".These "kings" could not possibly refer to the ten tribes, because the ten tribes were bitter enemies of the Roman beast.They fought it and destroyed it, so it would seem strange indeed to picture the ten tribes as growing upon the head of an empire they destroyed!The tribes were, in fact, an outside invading force and they did not grow up inside the Roman Empire.In addition, there were at least twenty tribes involved in the overthrow of the Roman Empire, so the idea of the ten horns being ten tribes does not even come close to matching the historical reality of the situation.Second, Adventists claim three tribes were uprooted, or destroyed, by the papacy (the little horn).The truth is, the Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Heruli were never destroyed or subdued by the pope.The Heruli were defeated by the Lombards, and the Vandals and Ostrogoths fell to the Byzantines.There is no evidence the Roman bishop had anything to do with the subjugation of these tribes.In fact, the Lombards, who overthrew the Heruli, were enemies of the Catholic Church!Third, Adventists say the uprooting of the three tribes was complete by 538 AD with the demise of the Ostrogoths, but that is simply false.

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