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Dating american baseball team

Spring training marks one of the best times of the year: the return of baseball.

With America’s favorite pastime and most beloved sport, comes some of America’s most beloved men.

Baseball players can be a guy's guy around their teammates, and then a complete sweetheart when it comes to relationships.

They have the looks we all love and the hearts of the type of guys our dads want us to end up with.

Additionally, you’re lying if you don’t think baseball pants are one of the most attractive things a guy could wear.

Between good luck and even better personalities, guys who play baseball kill the game both on and off the diamond.

In honor of this great sport coming back, I present to you the top five reasons why baseball players make perfect boyfriend material.

Baseball demands its players to be in top-notch shape.

They run, catch and throw, which means most practices are a full body workout.

These guys have legendary arms, great for throwing a runner out or holding their significant others after the game.

Once these guys put their arms around you, you'll instantly be in love.

Although they're physically strong, baseball guys are also in control of their emotions.

All athletes play with their heart and soul, and baseball players have to constantly keep control of their emotions for what can be hours of playing time.

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