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Alaska Men Magazine is the creation of Susie Carter.Alaska is the official website of Susie's Alaska Men.

Tell some specifics, like if you are a smoker or a non-smoker. If you plan to meet, do so at a public place, like a restaurant or coffee house. If you’re planning to visit make sure they know and are OK with it.I shouldn’t have to say this because you’re all grown up, but the mother in me never gives up.and the Alaska Pipeline, and she opened a Day Care Center for pre-schoolers.She soon found she had mostly single fathers bringing their children for her care. was natural to her, looking for wives for all those single fathers.One day she laughingly mentioned that she should make a magazine for those single fathers like they do for used....She especially likes to hear from the friends and relatives who nominate their single men for future issues.She listens to them and promises to help their nominee find..., Alaska over 20 years ago.The full color magazine features an abundance of single men whose rugged individualism, spirit and vitality make them unique among men of the world. are looking for: HUSBAND MATERIAL ..they are waiting to hear from you."My magazine brings to single women the men's pictures, their individual stories, and it gives you...Carter and her family on their kitchen table in Anchorage, Alaska over 20 years ago.

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