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Dating advice for thirty somethings

Dating at any age can be a challenge if you don’t know the ‘rules’ and how to make the most out of each experience.

But there is something to be said about some of the pitfalls many women in their 30’s make when dating.

It’s like when the big 3-0 hits single ladies forget what the definition of dating really means – the act of getting to know someone, and make these seven common mistakes… Dating to marry This is the most common mistake grown women make.

Instead of dating to get to know a guy, build a friendship and maybe a relationship they want to cut straight to the chase and find out if he wants to get married and have kids because that was their sole purpose of getting all dolled up and agreeing to meet with him.

Don’t look at dating as an interview for a husband; treat it like an opportunity to meet a great new friend. Not being open-minded Another common mistake is not being open to change.

As we get older, so do our habits, likes and dislikes making it hard for us to adjust to something new or look at things differently.

Dating advice for thirty somethings Spanking video chat rooms

Trust me I get it, but this also the reason why many of us are single. Women in their 30’s are less likely to date outside their ‘type’.If you don’t keep an open mind when dating, it will always feel like a nightmare. Settling for less then you deserve On the contrary, older women may opt to settle for less than they deserve because they feel as if time is of the essence so they may choose to date and be with someone they really don’t want but would rather be with instead of being single. Forgetting that a man needs to be a man 30 ladies are doing it for themselves like never before.We own our own homes, rides and travel on our own dime.So the reality is we don’t necessarily need a man, but we do want one.This sometimes causes conflict when we date a man that may not have all of our accolades but is a good man nonetheless.While being strong and independent is great, grown women tend to forget to let a man be a man. Throwing in the towel too early As I mentioned in mistake # 2, our patience becomes more than a virtue as we get older. Only date one guy at a time Since time is mostly limited for the 30 crew, it’s common to only have time to date one guy at a time.Resulting in us quickly throwing in the towel when something doesn’t go as we expect or the man is not moving as fast as we would hope. We have careers, busy social lives and maybe a family to care for so finding time to date may be last on our to-do list. Dating is suppose to be the period in which you date multiple guys and have fun, but women in this age group don’t have that type of free time.Being quick to give up because you can’t be bothered is mistake made way too often. Unfortunately this scenario leaves our chances of finding the right guy dramatically low. It may be a challenge but it’s important to not put all your eggs in one basket when dating.Live a little and say yes to another dinner date even though you may have just had one yesterday.What other mistakes do you feel women in their 30’s make when dating?Some say 30 is the new 20, but I think dating in your 30s is better than ever.

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