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Dating a woman with pcos

A woman who has spent 14 years shaving her face daily in order to control the growth of hair that is the result of her poly-cystic ovarian syndrome has bravely decided to let her beard grow out for the first time to raise money for men's cancer awareness.

It was a lot.'Excess facial and body hair is one of several symptoms of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder typified by cysts growing on the outer edges of the ovaries.

Other symptoms include acne, infertility and difficulty losing weight.

Like many women with the syndrome, Nova was put on birth control pills to help manage the condition as a teenager, but she stopped because the medicine made her feel 'sh***y'.

She hasn't had a period since the age of 16, when she stopped taking the pills.

In her first video, Nova describes the beard-growing experience as 'interesting' adding that she is grateful that the hair hasn't grown in 'patchy'.

She also talks about the lack of attention paid to this particular common symptom of the condition - a fact that helped inspire her to share her experience online.'It's not discussed at all,' she says.

'And people who have this issue are terrified to talk about it, because "women are supposed to shave" - and it's just a bunch of bull****.'So I just wanted to be someone to reach out to for other people who might be going through this insecurity, because I know this has hindered my life for a long time,' she adds.'If anyone else is going through this and you feel ashamed of your body hair... A lot of people are going through this, and you're still great!

'Nova's first video went viral, gaining masses of attention from women going through the same struggles.

Many reached out to Nova as well, thanking her for putting herself out there to help others.

In subsequent updates of her journey, Nova reveals that she has had a few stares, and a number of trolling comments posted on her videos, but that the support from other strangers online as well as her friends and partner of five years has helped build her confidence immeasurably.'I've let go of all that fear I had for 14 years. It's truly a liberating feeling,' she says, adding to her followers: 'I want you guys to know that I got so much more support than hate.

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