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Dating a sorority women

What have been your experiences dating sorority woman?

but they're pretty much like understand or ship out. my ex, a Sigma Alpha Mu,as well as i, got jealous at times whenever we informed each other of mixers n houses that we would visit (we went to diff campuses so that made it harder--a long distance one)but we trusted each other and didn't keep our thoughts to ourselves...letting one another know how we felt made it other interesting thing he had to deal with was having my friends and sisters let him know about how many guys are hitting on me n stuff but of course, i turn them down ------------------ "To supress our feelings only makes them stronger"--from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Well, I am a Delta Gamma and my fiance' is a Theta Chi.

He's a senior and isn't that active when it comes to mixers and all that stuff and would only go to brotherhood functions so I didn't have to worry too much about him.

For the longest time the Theta Chi's didn't have a house for parties and stuff (they were building a new house and the old house was in no shape to even walk in).

It sucks for fraternity guys at Morehead because if you're in a fraternity that doesn't have a house you most often aren't invited to parties thrown by the fraternities that do have them.

That made it kind of hard for us for a while, because I would want to go out to different fraternity houses but he wouldn't be able to get in. But, things were okay when his fraternity house was finished, we would just go there together.

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