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Dating a russian man

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Flowers on random occasions show their true romantic side, they open the doors, and they will protect you like you are made out of porcelain (or at least that’s my experience). When you think you’re done, the main course is out and you find yourself hyperventilating trying to make more room. It is a sign of respect and in the Russian culture is pretty much the same. This one is a little tricky, I am not sure if it is a Jewish thing, or a Russian tradition.

And lets not forget about them taking you out to dinner every night, I know right? If you have a fast metabolism and/or don’t care about losing weight, then you should really consider dating a Russian man. It’s been less than a month and you already know his whole family. That does not mean you can go out with no money, it’s ok to accept a dinner and movies, but you don’t want to take advantage.

This one is not that surprising to me, coming from a Mexican family, it works pretty much the same when it comes to family.

But if you are not looking for anything that serious, you’re better off looking for casual hookups on Tinder. You’re either the love if his life or you’re nobody.. Either you are everything he ever wanted and he is absolutely in love with you, or you are just another date. Well starting with number 3, if you know his parents, you’re on the right path.

It’s their way of being attentive and taking care of you, I guess. Truth is, they are very sweet and kind, as long as you do not make them mad. This one is a shocker to me, I thought Mexicans could drink but Russians?

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