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Kathy Chow Man Kei has been dating French boyfriend, Julien Lepeu, for almost five years.

Last year, the paparazzi photographed Julien kissing music newcomer, Venus Cheung, on a street corner. However, Kathy and Julien’s relationship was not affected.

Due to his topless pictorial featuring his attractive nipples, the 195 cm tall Godfrey Gao was known as “ Taiwan ’s #1 Nipple Man.

” Ten years younger than Kathy, Godfrey flew to Hong Kong to see her last week. ) “I’m sure someone sent him the photographs.” The press pointed out that Godfrey was the “King of Pink Nipples,”Kathy smiled and said, “How do you know my boyfriend doesn’t have pink nipples?

After a candlelight dinner, the pair hugged several times and could not hold back their feelings. In response to press inquiries, Kathy explained that she was only friends with Godrey. ” Asked whether Kathy was attracted to pink nipples in a man, she laughed awkwardly and did not respond. From the photos, I sense a lot of chemistry between Kathy and Godfrey, but who knows whether they only have a friendship or there’s more?

Was Kathy’s French boyfriend, Julien, upset about the incident? When I first saw the kissing photos, I thought that they kissed on the lips, but turns out it was only a kiss on the cheeks. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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Saturday, February 10 at EXPO Market, participants are invited to try their hands, and their luck/skill, at three rounds of speed dating.

Each round is five minutes, so it’s considered quick, and painless.

Heck, if you’re not will to give it a shot, then you’ve got everything to lose.

After all is said and done, a compatibility test will be conducted.

The winning couple will be treated to a romantic dinner at Gypsy Parlor.

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