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College grads dating in los angeles

As millions of students finish college and enter the workforce this year, many will be faced with the difficult decision of where to live.

Madison’s economy is incredibly vibrant with a low unemployment rate for young people at 5.53%, coupled with strong salaries.

Lastly, rent prices are moderate given income, meaning new graduates won’t be rent burdened compared to larger cities. Austin, Texas It’s no secret that Austin is an amazing place to live and work.

Like Madison, Austin is anchored by a large student population from the University of Texas, meaning much of the city is young and well educated.

The bar and restaurant scene, along with vibrant musical roots, also make Austin a desirable place to live.

While scoring very high in almost every category, Austin scored below average in rent affordability led by net positive migration into the metro region.

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College grads dating in los angeles

On average such a dynamic has caused rents to increase faster than local wages. Columbus, Ohio Columbus ranked well in almost every factor we considered.

The city had great rent affordability, strong income for people in their twenties, and low unemployment.

Mix that with rent prices of 0 for a one bedroom and 0 for a two bedroom, and you have a great place to start a career. Salt Lake City, Utah Coming in fourth, and first in the western region of the country, was Salt Lake City.

The metro scored well in every factor, particularly for income, amenities, and employment.

SLC is also particularly young, with 15.7% of the total population aged between 20-29 years old. Boston, Massachusetts Boston was fifth overall, and first in the northeast for new graduates.

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