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Classic gold dating

Living in New York, wealthy men are around every corner – thankfully, so are attractive single ladies.Due to the existence of both, you’re bound to come across a gold-digging whore.

They will bleed you dry and then move onto their next victim.

So how do you discern if your lady friend is looking for a future with you, or your wallet?

Here are some key signs to look for in a gold-digger.

Sizing Up your Assets The crux of every gold-digger is the question – how much are you worth?

If in the first 5 minutes of your conversation, she has already inquired about your profession, your apartment, your car and your family heritage -- you have found yourself a classic gold-digger.

Classic gold dating

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ve finally found yourself someone who is genuinely interested in your life – we all know that no woman can go 10 entire minutes without talking about herself.

Gold-diggers pretend to be interested in you so they can size you up and measure your earnings potential – they’re a walking, talking calculator as every question that relates to money is being used to calculate exactly how much money she can swindle out of you.

Pay before you Play You’ve been on countless dates with her, yet she still won’t let it progress further than kissing.

No matter how many times you attempt to redirect her head south, she won’t suck your cock, let alone welcome a friendly motorboat on those D cups. Real gold-diggers won’t engage in any kind of physical activity unless given an incentive. Get ready to max out your credit card with jewelry, shoes or a new designer handbag.

The ‘pay before you play’ policy ensures you both get what you want – at a price.

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