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I recently had a conversation with an elderly man in the grocery store.

* Connecticut experienced the biggest decrease in the number of married-couple families with young children in the lower 48, down 2.57 percent.

In addition to our marriage rates, the birth rate for millennial women is decreasing: * The number of women in Connecticut between 20 and 34 who had a birth in the prior year dropped at the highest rate in the nation, by 6.9 percent. In light of this data it’s mind boggling that our state political leaders and pro-choice organizations are continually fighting for policies that would even further the decline of families.

Pro-choice activists shout that abortion access is being threatened in a state that doesn’t have basic parental notification laws and is experiencing a decrease in births in the age group that many start families.

In addition the Family Institute of Connecticut has fought legislation for a proposed marriage tax, SB 1011, that would place an unneeded burden on low income families seeking to wed.

Matthew Burke from FIC spoke against this tax in March of this year.

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