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They will be helpful for you in some way, even you don't have a chance to use them ...

Here you'll find over 150 essential phrases for your trip.

For more Chinese language and cultural tips, visit the Living Language Chinese Blog.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken as a native language by about 900 million people.

It's the most widely spoken language in the world, the official language of mainland China and Taiwan, and one of the official languages of Singapore.

The other major Chinese dialect, Cantonese, is spoken in Hong Kong, Macau, the Guangdong ("Canton") province and Guangxi autonomous region in China, and by many Chinese living outside of China. The Chinese phrases seen here are all written in pīnyīn, the standard romanization alphabet (transliteration) for Mandarin Chinese used in mainland China.

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For beginners, Chinese pronunciation can be intimidating at first.Unlike English, Chinese is a tonal language, which means that every syllable in the language is pronounced with a different tone.These tones are very important, because if you pronounce a syllable with the wrong tone, it can mean something entirely different than what you intended.Using the vowel a as an example, the first tone, ā, is high and neutral.The second tone, á, goes from middle to high, as if you were asking a question.The third tone, ǎ, goes from middle to low to high, as if stretching out a question.Finally, the fourth tone à goes from high to low, as if you were answering a question.There is also a neutral tone, a, which is unmarked and, of course, neutral in tone.Here are some examples of how tone can affect meaning: liū () Although this may seem difficult, pronunciation and recognition of the tones will eventually come naturally with — what else? Chinese words are made up of one or more syllables (a syllable is equal to one character in Chinese writing).When dealing with a word that contains more than one syllable, it's important to realize that each syllable in that word also has its own, independent meaning or use.Once you start to learn the meaning of some common syllables, then you can often deconstruct the meaning of the full word.

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