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Sometimes in the middle during intercourse my girl says that she has to go pee. Is it a sign that it is starting to hurt or bore her and she wants to have a break? I'm no scientist, but I did take Biology of Sexuality, and well, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

It's a Forum with a bunch of dopey guys asking advice from other dopey guys. For all we know, if you tell the chick to do that, she'll piss all over your bed and run screaming from the room until she's found days later huddled and confused under a bush outside a psychiatric hospital. Female's have the sensation of needing to urinate during intercourse when they are on their way to culmination through G-Spot arousal.

Also, as a side-note it is virtually impossible for a woman to urinate during intercourse, so you can google a bit, and reassure her that it's completely normal. Female ejaculation is like water, and it's pretty intense...

if you're interested, I can surely find the name of the video of the experiment conducted once upon a time...

Peeing Standing Up: My spouse—a man—pees standing up.

I have told him several times that no matter how careful one is, it leaves pee on surfaces—the toilet, the floor, and probably his legs!

I have shown him several times how there is pee on the flat part of the rim.

He huffs and cleans it up, but of course he doesn’t see what’s on the floor.

My problem is that he acts as though he is doing me a favor by sitting to pee.

If he cleaned up the toilet area and left it pee-free, I wouldn’t care a bit how he goes.

But he gets very offended when I point out that standing up to pee just isn’t very clean.

How can I convince him about this without getting him defensive?

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