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Yes, he's a keeper..there are a few things you must know. He was brought up to greet people with a friendly nod and kind words. His mama’s cooking will always be better than yours.

So don’t be jealous of the dog, thank him and his predecessors for all the training they have done on your behalf. This behavior may seem odd and annoying to you, but to him it's just good manners.

She has always been the most important woman in his life and he will compare every woman he meets to her. Just remember that his dad taught him how to be a man but his mama taught him how to be Southern. He knows what it’s like to see a loving face when he walks through the door, how it feels to know someone is there beside him during the bad times, and the pain that’s left when it’s time for them to go. So count on finding yourself standing beside him wearing a forced grin wishing he would just shut up and get in the car.

It takes work and dedication to get a cap just right. No matter how easy technology may make our lives, this guy doesn't like to cut corners. He will open the door for you whether you’re five or 20 feet away.This, plus the occasional trip to the same barber he’s been going to since he was five-years-old, is all a Southern gentleman needs to look his best. He will offer up his jacket when you’re cold, and walk you to your door when it’s dark.He’ll even hold the umbrella over you when it rains, but he won’t text you. The Southern gentleman, in general, is a simple creature. However, from time to time, problems come up leaving him to fall back on one simple truth: bourbon fixes everything.He will call you because it’s the proper thing to do. He learned this from his father, who learned this from his grandfather. All Southern gentlemen are raised with the basic skills needed for home repair (aka duct tape can fix almost any problem).So hand him a glass and give him his time with his bourbon. He will reach for his toolbox–not his phone–at the first sight of a leaky faucet or a sticky drawer.With with him around you can feel safe in knowing that the house won’t fall down around you.However, when you’re tired of looking at all those rolls of duct tape, call in the professionals (just be sure to wait for him to leave the house before you do). And if all goes well…never plan the wedding during an SEC football game.His love for college football is real–and runs deep.Knowing that his favorite team is kicking off while he’s doing the Carolina shag with your Aunt Helen is just cruel and unusual punishment.Although he will never say anything, he will secretly brood over this for years. At least make sure there's a television at the reception.Big and Beautiful Dating - #1 App for Flirting, Messaging, and Meeting Local Big Single Men and Women.

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