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Average length of dating relationship

In fact, the entire evolution of modern technology has pretty much revolved around one main premise: eliminate waiting.As part of the human race, we’ve all been blessed with a limited stock of patience, which is why our society has gravitated towards a system of instant gratification.

I mean, take dining out at restaurants for example: Unless you exhibit great self-control and social skills, nobody likes waiting for his or her food to get prepared when out to eat.

Think about how regal it would be to park your ass down at Ruth’s Chris, order the filet and -- possible.

Again, keep in mind: Quickness doesn’t always lead to quality.

For this reason, most Michelin starred restaurants have long wait times before food is served.

They understand taking a few extra minutes to perfect their craft goes a long way and – in many cases – can be the difference between good and great and great and .

And this conception holds true across many different walks of life.Maybe not with minutes or food, necessarily, but with not rushing things in general.In college, if you breezed through your studies (to get a jump start on day-drinking), your grades were probably reflective.Those who took the time to write sh*t out on index cards, however, almost ALWAYS flourished (academically, at any rate).This is why it’s stressed to us at a very young age to “take our time” with things and not always look to jump the gun. Like I said, as humans, we’re not the most naturally patient creatures on earth.We have urges, and moreover, we like to act on these urges -- as fast as possible.I suppose this is a residual characteristic passed down from our cavemen ancestors, who survived solely by acting on instinct.Oftentimes, once we see something we like, we’re not satisfied until we have it. At least not with regard to rushing into sex, from a relationship standpoint.According to Jeanna Bryner of Live Science, “delaying sex makes better relationships,” as studies show.“Couples who had sex the earliest -- such as after the first date or within the first month of dating -- had the worst relationship outcomes,” Bryner claims, given the results of one study conducted by researcher Dean Busby and his colleagues at Brigham Young University's School of Family Life.The reasoning behind this belief is once sex is introduced in the early stages of a relationship, this “rewarding area of the relationship overwhelms good decision-making and keeps couples in a relationship that might not be the best for them in the long run,” as Busby explains. In fact, this is a little something I like to call the “Vince factor.” I present to you Exhibit A: Vinny Chase (yes, everyone, from “Entourage”). Hell, he’s the Michael Jordan of scoring on first But, still, he’s single.So, apparently, none of these flings have found a way to stick, not that he’s necessarily looking to get cuffed or anything -- don’t get it twisted -- but that’s just an observation.

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