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My name is Rachel Lim and I’m a programmer living in NY.

I’ve always loved computers so it seemed natural to pursue a career with them.

Unlike humans, computers are logical, consistent, and can be powered down and put away at will.

I work as a Programmer for a mid-sized financial company, building custom applications and reports.

Lately I’ve been given the opportunity to work on an enterprise-level application using WPF and have been loving it.

If there is one thing I would say I do well at, it’s Learning.

I was homeschooled when I was young and most of my programming knowledge is self-taught.

I am constantly doing online research of some kind or another, and love the information found on other people’s blogs, so thought I’d start my own.

No idea if I will keep with it, or if I will keep it updated, but I hope to post some useful information that I personally have had a hard time figuring out when I started out.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected], but be warned that I am often very slow to reply.

I do try to reply to all my emails though, even if is sometimes weeks or months later. Ultimately, it means I can make a career out of being Lazy, Impatient, and Hubristic(?

– Larry Wall Laziness: I’m too lazy to do the same task repeatedly so write scripts to do that task for me. Impatience: I’m too impatient to wait for my code to run so rewrite the code to improve performance. Hubris: When someone asks if I can do something I just say Yes, then go find out how to do it (Google!

C# is the flag ship language for giant IT Company Microsoft.

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