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Asp net build validating web site

You can read more about Self Contained Linux Applications on . It is worth noting that the paths specified by the [email protected] [~/www]$ ./supercheapaspnetsite Fail Fast: Couldn't find a valid ICU package installed on the system.

I go get it and put it in netcoredeps OR since I'm using the . In other words, I can bypass libuv usage entirely by changing my to use the use Use Sockets() like [email protected] [~/www]$ export ASPNETCORE_URLS=" [email protected] [~/www]$ ./supercheapaspnetsite Hosting environment: Production Content root path: /home/secretname/public_html Now listening on: Application started. I can't just open a port or forward a port in their control panel.

Yet another shared library that isn't installed on this instance. NET Core webserver) experimental Use Sockets() as they are starting to move that over. Ok, but I can't access it from because this is Go Daddy's locked down managed shared hosting.

;) When I run it again I get another complained about libuv. On the client side, these new managed libraries are written from the ground up in managed code using the new high-performance Span and on the server-side I could use Kestrel's (Kestrel is the .

Object) Aborted Ok, now it's complaining about ICU packages. That is also mentioned in the self-contained-linux apps docs and there's a precompiled binary I could download. I like "opt-out" so I don't have to go dig these ups (although I could) so I can either set the CORECLR_GLOBAL_INVARIANT env var to 1, or I can add System. Invariant = true to supercheapaspnetsite.runtimeconfig.json, which I'll do with just to be obnoxious. Likely they don't want to proxy off to external domains, but it'd be nice if they allowed localhost.

(Not perfect, but this is all a spike) Cheesy, yes.

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