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If there is a question of whether a painting is 400 years old or 100 years old, we have reason to perform scientific dating. For paintings and drawings, this means that we can carbon-date canvas, wood and paper.

For example, a piece of canvas carbon-dated to 1900 would have been produced some time between 18.

Dendrochronology refers to the scientific method of dating wood, using the presence of tree rings.

It is the best dating method available for panel paintings.

Unfortunately, dendrochronology has many practical limitations. The way that the panels have been cut has a large impact on the ability to see and interpret tree rings.

Thermoluminescence dates ceramics, or clay that has been fired. This means that when thermoluminescence results say that a terracotta sculpture is 400 years old, it is really between 200 and 600 years old.

The dates provided by thermoluminescence are not precise, because of common contamination problems. We offer all three methods of scientific dating to our clients.

To learn more, contact us By email: [email protected] phone: 212-658-0466 We typically respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

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Here is looking up at the bluff behind me and the river in front of me.

If you check out my last post you may notice the same trees are in both images.

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