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Are bret michaels and heather dating

The Poison front man explained why he decided to put his dating life on display, why he thinks his show is different than other dating series, and how it's going with the woman who won his heart this season. Why do you think it became such a hit?

Michaels: I think [the franchise succeeded because] I've had years and years of great fans who tuned in to watch the show and then it blew up from there.

Because I didn't know what I was doing, it became more original.

It didn't just become, "Here's your rose, I love you, let's get married tomorrow even though we've only been dating a few days." I'm honest with the girls. What I'm looking for is someone to like, to lust, and, possibly over time, fall in love with. So you don't think love comes as easily as it does on shows like see if they still want you.

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