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Zac, Jacob and special guest Lauren Orsini scream and fight their way through all 49 episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, the Gundam show that conquered America in the 90s. With this season's Darling in the FRANXX, horny teen mecha series have reached a new level of shameless subtext.

Nicholas Dupree tracks this lineage of sexual mech series through a proud history of adolescent innuendo.― Based on a manga by Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana, this 2014 series is essentially a classic alien bug hunt.

There are some twists on the old formula: the “bugs” have become humanoid, mankind is partly responsible for ...― Our team of reviewers are following 28 anime series of the Winter 2018 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up.

Keep in mind that these rankings are based on h...― Madoka Magica may have set the standard for dark and tangled magical girl series, but it was hardly the first of its kind.

One of its most successful predecessors was this series from 2004, which was popular enough...― My Hero Academia opened with Deku's perspective, offering us the beaming optimism of a boy who loves superheroes in a world where superheroes actually exist.

His viewpoint gave us a gentle introduction to this world, and also a fairly myopic one, where Midoriya's own attempts to become a hero were the most impo...― Based on Strike Tanaka's manga of the same name, Servamp (a portmanteau of “servant” and “vampire”) isn't sure if it wants to be a comedy or a serious supernatural story.

That's less of an issue for the source manga, b...― The organizers of the 12th Annual Seiyū Awards announced the winners in a ceremony on Saturday.

The winners include: Best Lead Actor Award Award for best leading performances from an actor during the year Toshiyuki Toyonaga Agency: Super Eccentric Theater Best Lead Actress Award Award for best leading performances from ...

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manga began streaming the second promotional video on Saturday for the anime's third television anime season.

The video previews UVERworld's (Blue Exorcist, The Heroic Legend of Arslan) opening theme song "Odd Future." The new season will premiere on April 7, and will remain in the p.m...― The NIS America online store suffered a data breach affecting any customers who used the website between January 23 and February 26.

Customers who paid by card during this time may have had their credit card or login details compromised.

Customers who used Pay Pal may have had their billing, shipping, or email addresses compromised. that the company held in Japan in 2016 and in several cities around the world last year.

The first tour had stops in Los Angeles and New York last June, but this new round of performances will be held in 12 citie...― Aniplex of America announced at its Kawaii-Kon panel on Friday that it will release the Granblue Fantasy, Eromanga Sensei, Oreimo, and Oreimo 2 television anime series on Blu-ray Disc.

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