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Here’s a way you can help the people of Haiti AND get Street Dating Revealed membership for a BIG discount.

Step #3: Fill in your details (name, username, password) AND enter the discount code: C713 in the “enter coupon code” section. Remember, you must sign up before April 15th to get the 9.40 discount! If you’re not satisfied with Street Dating Revealed for any reason, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days. Alex from Succeed at Dating recently sent me a copy of Street Dating Revealed to review.I thought this was a timely topic, as Day Game information has been requested often here at the Bible.I want to start off by saying I find it difficult to review a product objectively because guys are at all different phases of their learning, and what might be great for someone, might be old information for someone else.So I’ve chosen to give a brief description of the DVD, and then talk about what I liked and didn’t like about it. Street Dating Revealed is a DVD consisting of 5 recorded day time pickups.You can watch the pickups with or without explanations along with it.The DVD includes full interviews with the two pick up artists in the videos -Alex and Stephen.There is also a one page cheat sheet of tips that comes along with.When you purchase the video you also get access to a members only section of the website that contains a 60 minute interview with Sweater from .I also believe that people who purchase the DVD now get another DVD of a seminar Alex is doing in a few months… What I liked about Street Dating Revealed I really liked watching the pickups on my big screen TV.I’ve watched pickups on Youtube and I can confidently say, it is a lot better and more useful watching them on the big screen.

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