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Accommodating children with special needs in school

Pupils aged between three and 11 at Brinsworth Manor Infant and Junior Schools in Rotherham - which Ofsted identifies as having only a small number of pupils from minority ethnic groups - will no longer be able to enjoy sausages, bacon or ham.

She said: 'The provision of both halal and non-halal is not unusual in Rotherham's school.

Currently, nine schools out of 115, select one of our menus that provide a mix of both halal and non-halal meals.

The success of Edu Kids is due to its strong curriculum and educational programming as well as its nurturing, devoted staff.

Our trained caregivers understand each child’s growing wonderment and expanding imagination and cater to each individual with love, attention, challenge and support.

They know the correct questions to ask and implement the appropriate building blocks that lead to every child’s academic and developmental success.

The Edu Kids staff also understands how crucial a child’s early years are in terms of development and confidence, which is why they greet each child’s new phase with care, enthusiasm and attentive guidance.Nominated by our employees and awarded as a Business First Best Place to Work, Edu Kids is a fantastic place to grow your career in Early Childhood Education!Edu Kids rewards loyalty, dedication and integrity. Come see why Edu Kids is "Where Learning and Fun Begins!We impact thousands of children and families every day. How the Disney disability card works is something a whole lot of parents have been wondering since the new one came out in October.Our family has visited Disney World a couple of times and, like many, had excellent experiences using the former Guest Assistance Card (GAC).Basically, we walked into rides using an alternate entrance, bypassing lines.Doing Disney this way is key for Max, who has sensory issues that make standing in a crowd and loud noises scary.Although he is able to handle short waits, he can't deal with long or indoor ones—he gets anxious, loses it and starts screeching.He's also got endurance challenges; he is a good walker, but because of the cerebral palsy he is unable to stand for extended periods of time.When you've had blissful—not to mention easy—times at Disney using the GAC card, change can be particularly hard.

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